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With over 40 years of community advocacy, Asian Inc is a non-profit organization with a proven history of success. Our agency’s foreclosure prevention programs offers in depth counseling to help clients avoid having their homes foreclosed. In addition to advocating with lenders on the client’s behalf, our counselors provide clients with in depth financial counseling, access to community resources, credit management tools, and a solid plan to extricate themselves from the foreclosure quagmire. Besides foreclosure prevention, Asian Inc also provides counseling assistance to first time home buyers.

MEDA’s Foreclosure Prevention Counselors can help you identify alternatives ranging from short sales to loan modifications, including the Making Home Affordable (MHA) modification plan, and the “Keep Your Home California” initiative which offers an additional layer of assistance to California residents who may benefit from: Unemployment Mortgage Assistance – Provides temporary assistance to eligible homeowners who have suffered involuntary unemployment. Principle Reduction Program – Helps reduce homeowners with severe negative equity qualify for a sustainable loan modification, by reducing principal loan balances. Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program – Helps eligible homeowners reinstate their first mortgage loan if they have fallen behind due to short-term financial problems. Transition Assistance Program - Provides one-time funds to help homeowners who execute a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure program, relocate into a new housing situation For more information please call Beatriz Antunez at 415-282-3334 x115