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We provide workshops and individual coaching to support your homebuying process


HomeownershipSF makes the home buying process easier for first-time homebuyers by combining information on special assistance programs, workshops, one-on-one counseling and affordable homes on its website - in one convenient online location. With easy access to this high-quality information, HomeownershipSF helps diverse and underserved households buy affordable homes in San Francisco.

The first step in the process of purchasing your first home is to learn about the many opportunities available to first-time homebuyers in our city. Some of these opportunities are available through the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), but many are not. So, BEFORE you apply to any of the programs at MOHCD, please complete a homebuyer education course and come up with an individual homeownership plan for your situation.

HomeownershipSF and its approved first-time homebuyer counseling agencies helps you get your plan started. After you have completed your homebuyer education and counseling, you will be eligible to apply for MOHCD's various homebuyer assistance programs such as Below Market Rate (BMR) properties and Loan Assistance For First Time Homebuyers.

Obtaining Homebuyer education through HomeownershipSF is required to apply for a Below Market Rate (BMR) home in San Francisco and/or obtaining Downpayment Assistance from the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD).



 6 hours of First Time Homebuyer workshops + 2 hours of individual counseling =  

8 Total hours of homebuyer education

There are five HomeownershipSF counseling agencies who provide HUD approved homebuyer education. Each agency may break up the curriculum into separate classes, however, the total required hours will always be the same (8 hours). Workshops are offered in 2, 4 or 6 hour segments. You must complete all 6 hours of workshops PLUS your 2 hour counseling appointment at the SAME counseling agency. Eligilble workshops for First Time Homebuyer Certificate offered by each agency are:

First Time Homebuyer Education & Certification in Cantonese (6 Hours)
First Time Home Buyers: The Basics & Affordable Housing Options in English and Tagalog (6 Hours)
Understanding the Mortgage Loan Process Workshop (2 Hours)
Affordable Housing Options for First Time Homebuyers Workshop (2 Hours)
Credit Reports for First Time Homebuyers Workshop (2 Hours)
Downsizing Your Debt (2 Hours)
Mission Economic Development Agency
First Time Homebuyer in English and Spanish (6 Hours)
San Francisco Housing Development Agency
1st time Homebuyer in English and Spanish (6 Hours)
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
The Nuts and Bolts of Buying a Home (4 Hours)
The Basics of Budgeting and Saving (2 Hours)
Managing Credit and Debt (2 Hours)

Upon completion of 6 hours of required workshops, please contact counseling agency to set up your individual counseling appointment. YOU CANNOT COMBINE HOURS FROM DIFFERENT AGENCIES.

See First Time Homebuyer Workshop Calendar HERE

When you have met all of your homebuyer education requirement (as indicated above) your housing counselor will issue a Verification of Homebuyer Education form. The Verification of Homebuyer Education form should be submitted with your qualified SF MOHCD application packet. Once submitting a complete application, you will be issued a lottery ticket to enter into contract. 

Click Here for All BMR Lottery Results

Your official Certificate Of Homebuyer Education will be issued upon entering into a valid purchase contract and submitting the form Request for Homebuyer Certificate to your counseling agency. The certificate is valid for one year. Homebuyers are not required to attend workshops again until two years have elapsed.

Obtain a Request for Homebuyer Certificate HERE.


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