MOH BMR Inclusionary Housing Program


Below Market Rate (BMR) Inclusionary Housing Program

Through the creation and development of the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program, the City monitors several "Below Market Rate" (BMR) ownership and rental units in private buildings throughout the City. The Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH), together with the Planning Department, the Planning Commission and the Department of Building Inspections, works with developers to establish, occupy, and monitor BMR units and/or determine fees.

Specifically, the Mayor's Office of Housing is charged with duties listed below:

  • MOH works with developers to bring BMR units to the market. We market units, monitor lotteries, qualify applicants, prepare closing documents which govern the restrictions on BMR units, monitor the units for the life of the restrictions, and assist in the reselling of BMR units.
  • MOH works with developers to determine fee obligations.
  • MOH, in conjunction with other City departments, monitors compliance of the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program.

Please feel free to contact us at (415) 701-5500 or please see the staff contact information for specific topics below.


BMR Ownership Program - Information for Potential and Current Owners

BMR Rental Program - Information for Potential and Current Renters

Information for Developers, Sales Agents and Rental Agents - Information on Marketing New Units and Paying Fees

Documents Governing/Explaining the Citywide Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program

List of Inclusionary Housing Program Units and Building Names (Excel) (Does not include Condo Conversion BMR units or former Redvelopment Agency Units)


Please Contact Us at (415) 701-5500