After four years of work, the California Legislature just passed the Homeowner Bill of Rights (SB 900 and AB 278).

We beat the Big Banks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU who raised your voice and proved that even in this age of unparalleled corporate power, a smart, creative, and relentless coalition campaign can beat back the corporate lobbyists.


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Because of our work, the Homeowner Bill of Rights will end the most deceptive and unethical practices of mortgage lenders:

  • "Dual tracking" -- when a homeowner is negotiating with their bank only to be suddenly foreclosed upon -- will be outlawed; 
  • Lenders will have to provide homeowners with a single, accountable point of contact, ending the run-around of starting over with a new customer service representative every time they call; 
  • And most importantly, when banks break the law, Californians now have the power to take them to court and stop a foreclosure.

Big Banks and the Chamber of Commerce fought this bill until the very end, but because of our endless work to educate lawmakers and hold them accountable, the bill has passed the Legislature and will soon be on Gov. Brown's desk.

Courage Campaign succeeds because we are beholden only to our members. We stand up for the middle-class, taking orders from no one. The truth is that this makes it very tough to fund our work, and for that reason, we humbly ask if you can make even a $5 or $10 donation today so we can convince Gov. Brown to sign this bill.


We raise the voices of regular people, pushing relentlessly and aggressively. We work in coalition and we win. We don't care what politicians think of us. We care about working for you to get the job done.


We are proud to have partnered with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), PICO, CRC, CRL, and the many other groups that worked tirelessly to bring this to pass. When our representatives in Sacramento do the right thing, we want to make sure you know it. On this fight, several elected officials truly led and acted with courage: Attorney General Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Darrell Steinberg, Sen. Noreen Evans, Sen. Ron Calderon, Asm. Mike Feuer, and Asm. Mike Eng. In particular, Sen. Calderon stood tall and made this happen when it truly counted.


We have to finish the job and make sure the Big Bank lobbyists don't convince Gov. Brown to veto this bill, and the only way to assure Courage Campaign will be there is to donate even a few dollars. Can you give $10 right now? Please give whatever you can to keep us fighting for YOU and only you.


Yours in the fight for a better California,


Rick Jacobs

Chair and Founder, Courage Campaign

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