ALERT: Ask your state legislators to support the Homeowner Bill of Rights

Dear CRC supporter,

We all know the impact of the foreclosure crisis on California's communities.  Over half a million California families are currently at risk of losing their homes, and millions of families have already fallen victim to the crisis.  The California legislature must act immediately to protect California’s homeowners and stop needless foreclosures today, but we need your help! 

Contact your California Assemblymember and Senator, and ask them to vote in favor of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. Enter your zip code below to find your representatives and send them a message!

Attorney General Kamala Harris sponsored the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, a series of bills that will protect struggling homeowners and tenants in California.  A special Legislative Conference Committee is currently considering legislation that is important for homeowners. The legislation would end the "dual track" problem, where homeowners who are negotiating a loan modification with their lender continue to be pushed through the foreclosure process, leading to unnecessary and wrongful foreclosures.  It would also require lenders to prove that they own the loan in question by requiring chain of title documentation. Another bill would outlaw "robosigning" and require servicers to provide borrowers with a single point of contact. These straightforward reforms would make the foreclosure process transparent and hold banks accountable. 

CRC is urging the Legislative Conference Committee to pass, and the full Legislature to vote for dual track and due process bills, provided that they:
- require banks to provide a "yes" or "no" answer on a modification application before proceeding with foreclosure,
- hold banks accountable by allowing homeowners to sue when banks do not follow these simple rules,
- oblige banks to show they actually have the right to foreclose by documenting the chain of title, and
- allow homeowners who have been unfairly and illegally foreclosed upon to get their homes back.

Please call and email your Assemblymember and Senator today!  The California State Assembly and Senate could be voting on these measures as early as Tuesday May 29. They need to hear from YOU— their constituents— so that they can vote in favor of the bills.

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