Bank of America Awards $22 Million to Address Immediate Needs

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has announced grants totaling nearly $22 million to more than a thousand nonprofits working to address critical needs in communities across the United States.

The majority of grants will support nonprofits serving low-income communities that have been disproportionately affected by the economic downturn, with more than half the funding going to efforts to meet growing demand for food and shelter. Grant recipients include Feeding America and its network of more than two hundred local foodbanks and food rescue organizations nationwide.

Other grants — including more than $7 million awarded to over a hundred and twenty local United Way organizations — will be used to address longer-term needs, connecting people to benefits, financial assistance and credit repair programs, budget counseling, and income tax-filing assistance.

In addition, the foundation is accepting grant applications from nonprofits working in the areas of workforce development and education through February 15 and will issue a similar request for proposals for housing services later in the year.

"Too many families are forced to choose between paying bills and feeding their family," said Bank of America Charitable Foundation president Kerry Sullivan. "Helping individuals and families connect to programs and services that meet their immediate needs and enable them to gain financial stability is vital to the economic health of our country, and we're pleased to partner with local and national nonprofits that are helping people get back on their feet and move ahead."

“Bank of America Awards Nearly $22 Million to Address Critical Needs.” Bank of America Press Release 1/22/13.