Do you qualify for the Working Families Tax Credit?


Money, benefits and resources for working families in San Francisco. 

You work hard to provide for your family…and the City and County of San Francisco want to make sure you get all the money and benefits you’ve earned.

This website ( tells you how to claim tax credits, benefits and other services for low-income working families in our city. You’ve earned it!

If you live in San Francisco, earned less than $53,505 in 2016, have claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit on your federal income tax return and have dependent children, then you may qualify for this special one-time benefit. Ask about the WFC when you file your taxes.

Due to limited funding, the 2016 Working Families Credit will only be available to eligible first-time applicants. If you have ever received the Working Families Credit, you are NOT eligible for the credit this tax season and need not apply.

The WFC application deadline is April 18, 2017. If you submit your application by the deadline and are determined eligible, you will receive your WFC payment in September 2017.

To report a change to your address or bank account, please call 415-557-6284 or email us at

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