Is Your Property Tax Bill the Right Amount?


by Marie Kegel | January 18, 2018

If you own a Below Market Rate home, the Assessor-Recorder calculates your property tax bill based on the restricted value not the market value of your home. Take a close look at your property tax bill and make sure you are being assessed the right amount. If you have concerns about your property tax assessment, you can call the Assessor-Recorder’s Office at 415-554-5596 to schedule an informal appeal.

Both market rate and BMR owners are entitled to property tax savings through the California Homeowner’s Exemption, which provides up to a $7,000 credit. Check your property tax bill to see if you are already receiving a Homeowner’s Exemption. If you are not, submit a Homeowner’s Exemption Claim form to the Assessor-Recorder’s Office.

Submission Deadline: February 15 or before the 30th day following the date of notice of supplemental assessment, whichever comes first.