MEDA and CCDC Awarded 2070 Folsom Affordable-Housing Development


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MEDA and CCDC Awarded 2070 Folsom Affordable-Housing Development

101-Unit Development to Stabilize Mission District as a Neighborhood of Promise



San Francisco, CA – The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) has awarded the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) and Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) the right to co-develop, own and manage a site at 2070 Folsom Street.

“The development team lead by MEDA and CCDC submitted a strong proposal that will provide both affordable housing for low-income families and transition-age youth but also a range of community services that will benefit the residents and the Mission community from infancy to adulthood. The project will complement the new park being developed by the Recreation and Park Department and help advance the Mayor’s Housing Goal of 30,000 units by 2020, especially new affordable housing for low-income families in the Mission,” said MOHCD Director, Olson Lee.

This 101-unit project, which will include 21 residences for transitional-age youth, will deepen the resources and assets of the community. Integrating an on-site, cradle-to-college-to-career continuum of services provided by numerous partners of the Mission Promise Neighborhood, the development will also secure spaces to CBO’s at risk of displacement.

Fostering the Mission Promise Neighborhood’s two-generation approach, whereby families are provided the tools for economic success, the project aims to keep the Mission inclusive for years to come. The development will solidify a collaboration of longtime nonprofits: Larkin Street Youth Services running residential programs; Good Samaritan offering preschool assistance; Jamestown Community Center running youth-development programs; MEDA’s business development team training prospective entrepreneurs; Mission Neighborhood Centers providing infant and toddler care; and PODER, which fought for years for a neighborhood park to be built at this site.

Bringing to reality CCDC and MEDA’s vision will be the combined expertise of architecture firms Mithūn l Solomon and Y.A. studio (concept, image top). Both design firms are at the vanguard of sustainable, mix-use, multi-family residential design. A park, creating a community meeting space in an idyllic urban environment, will front the development.

“There is a strong strategic partnership between CCDC and MEDA, complemented by the longtime organizations that will serve the neighborhood at the site,” states Reverend Norman Fong, executive director of CCDC. “This development addresses the vital need for affordable housing in the Mission.”

Underscoring how this development is a critical piece of a plan for neighborhood stabilization, Luis Granados, executive director of MEDA, explains: “This is a good start, representing 101 of the minimum 2,400 units we need for our families. Our goal is to ensure that the 101 units will have preferences for Mission residents, especially those that have experienced eviction. This is a big win for the community.”